Dog training designed to nurture good behaviour and strong relationships

Based in Saskatoon, we use positive reinforcement and proven methods to build good behaviour for the long term.

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Our philosophy: kindness and respect

We use pain-free training to build good behaviour and habits. Our goal is not to impose obedience through punishment, but to build understanding and communication so that you can enjoy a companionable relationship with your pet. This is the right program for you if you’re interested in building a strong and respectful relationship with your dog.
This approach is sometimes known as LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive).

About Us

What Dogs in Balance Offers:

A Free Discovery Session

Over phone or video we will get to know each other, discuss behavioral issues you're dealing with, and what your training goals are. We can discuss my methodology and decide if we would be a good fit.
No strings attached!

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Training Resources

You will receive a thorough training information and resource package with the purchase of a training package. You can learn from the extensive resources, tips and tricks that Nea has put together at your own pace and you will be directed to specific sections to focus on as you work together on your training goals.

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In-Person Coaching

Dogs in Balance is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We’ll meet you in the area and work together on a weekly basis to train your dog. The frequency and length of our training sessions will depend on the problems and goals outlined in our training plan.

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Group Classes & Workshops

Group classes are back!

In the works include:
- Puppy classes
- Adolescent dogs
- Loose Leash Walking IRL
- Socialization and desensitization workshops

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Secure & Easy Online App

Dogs in Balance is now using a secure, data encrypted app called Healthie where you can buy packages, book sessions, share your own training goals, and view your training plans all in one place.

Address and prevent behaviour problems

If you’ve recently adopted a pet with established behaviours, or your dog is starting to misbehave, we’ll help you develop a plan to address those habits and prevent them in the long term.

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Establishing the right habits for your puppy

We’ll work with you and your puppy to set up the right environment, practices, and relationship so that they will be well-behaved in the long term.

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